Soup..We know you love it

Friendly Avenue: Lentil(v), Fat Free Vegetable(v), Cuban Black Bean & Pork, Beef & Mushroom, Smoked Chicken & Poblano and Firehouse Chili

Martinsville Road: Tomato Basil(v), Fat Free Vegetable(v), Beef & Mushroom, Spicy Sesame Beef, Chicken Tortilla and Firehouse Chili

Come on in…We know you’re hungry!!

We’re OPEN!

Both locations will be open today. Come on in and get some soup.

Friendly Avenue: Potato(v), Fat Free Vegetable(v), Smoked Chicken & Poblano, Black Bean with Pork, and Beef & Mushroom

Martinsville Road: Potato(v), Fat Free Vegetable(v), Coconut Ginger with Chicken, Black Bean with Pork and Beef & Mushroom


Due to the weather, our Martinsville Road location will be closed today. Please come visit us at our Friendly Avenue location. We will be opening at 11 am.

Today’s Specials and Yummy Soups

Soups and Specials for today…. Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friendly Avenue location: Old Fashioned Burger

Martinsville Road location: Meatloaf Sandwich

Soups at BOTH locations: Italian Peasant, Fat Free Vegetable, Cheesy Broccoli, Beef & Mushroom and Firehouse Chili

Come on in… We know you’re hungry

Soups, Specials and the News and Record

Soups and Specials for today…Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Friendly Avenue location: Chicken Veggie Pita
Soups: Lentil, Fat Free Vegetable (vegetarian), Firehouse Chili, Beef with Mushroom and Jalapeno Chicken & Corn

Martinsville Road location: Hot Club Sub
Soups: Tomato Basil, Fat Free Vegetable (vegetarian), Firehouse Chili, and Beef with Mushroom

Don’t forget tonight after 5pm all sandwiches are $6.00


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