The snow is coming!!

We’re getting ready for the snow storm are YOU? Come get your SOUP IN BULK! Get a 32 ounce for only $8.95 plus tax. You gotta have SOMETHING to go with all that bread and milk right?? Stop by the Jams on Friendly Avenue today!

Today at Jams on Friendly we have the Traffic Jam on special.
Our soups are Beef Noodle, Firehouse Chili, Italian Peasant and Fat Free Vegetable. Come get a Jamwich before you get snowed in!


It’s Wednesday you know what that means it’s HUMP DAY! Middle of the Week, if you can get through today, you can get through the rest of the week!!

Today at Jams on Friendly we have Lentil Soup, Fat Free Vegetable Soup (Gluten Free) Firehouse Chili Soup, and Cheesy Broccoli soup (also Gluten Free)

Our Special today is the Crowd favorite HAM JAM!

Don’t forget tonight is our Wednesday special All sandwiches for just $6.50 starting at 5pm!

Tasty Tuesday

Today at Jams on Friendly we have Chicken Corn Chowder, Firehouse Chili, Fat Free Vegetable (GF) and Cheesy Broccoli (GF)

Our Special today is the Chicken Portabella!

See you soon!!

It’s Monday…. again.

Here at Jams on Friendly Avenue we’re not letting the Monday Blues get us down!

We have Potato Soup, Firehouse Chili soup, Fat Free Vegetable soup and Cheesy Broccoli Soup (both Gluten Free)

Our Special today is our Smoked Turkey with Havarti Cheese!

Stop in and see us today!!

It’s Saturday!!!

Here at Friendly Avenue we’re gearing up for the weekend! For us that means Chili and Burgers!

Today we have Chili Beans, Firehouse Chili and our Fat Free Vegetable Soup!

Our Special is the Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheeseburger!

What could be better than that???

Come on in and kick your weekend off right. See you soon!

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